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Socialist Party of Texas State Convention Rescheduled: Save The Date!

The State Convention has been rescheduled. The new date is November 10th @ the Ruta Maya on the river walk in San @ntonio.
We will be posting the confirmation in due time. For further information, email.

Izquierda: Socialist Journal of Texas

The Socialist Party of Texas is pleased to announce the name change of the Lone Star Socialist to Izquierda, Socialist Journal of Texas. The SP-Texas invites everyone to contribute to the paper. We plan on having articles on current events, culture, poems, and yes, even sports! If you are interested in contributing to the publication, please contact the editor at E-mail for more info or to submit material. Right now, there is a tentative deadline to turn in contributions by Nov. 1st.

Planning a State Convention


I'd like to propose to all of you that we start working on plans for a State Convention. I think it would breath life back into the State party machinery if we could all meet, discuss things in person and have a little comradeship between all of us. A little socialization(after all we are socialists), time to discuss the party, ideas, and future plans for the Party here in Tejas. I don't know what the possibilities of doing this are, so, I'd like to see what everyone thinks.

E. V.


Here is a list of up and coming events, until we get the calendar up, this will have to work. I suggest the rest do the same until I things in order.

Wednesday, February 21, noon - 1:15 p.m.
Brown Bag Lunch at the Federal Building to Call for an End to the Iraq War
A number of local anti-war groups have invited our legislative representatives, home from DC for the week, to come to a brown bag lunch in the Federal Building plaza to hear from their constituents who want immediate action from Congress to end the war against Iraq. Please show up to the plaza promptly at noon.

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I hope everyone likes the new web page, I am working hard to get thing going, I just ask everyone to be pacient. I'll be adding more graphics and images and other good things in the coming days.

In Solidarity

Evan Villegas

Lone State Socialist

Socialist Party of Texas By-Laws

Socialist Party of Texas

As revised, March 18, 1979
Amended and Reaffirmed September 5, 2005

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Socialist Party of Texas, official chartered affiliate of the Socialist Party, USA, herein after called the “Party”. The Socialist Party of Texas shall also be known by its initials of “SPTX”.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of the Party is to establish by democratic means a new society based on democratic socialism in which democracy is extended from politics to the economy and where the production of goods and services is based on human need instead of private profit, a society in which all exploitation has been abolished and where human rights will come before property rights.

Article III: Membership

Section 1: Every person who is a resident or citizen of the State of Texas who subscribes to the principles of the Socialist Party, U.S.A., shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2: Dues may be set by the membership in a mail ballot or at a general membership meeting, and may be reviewed annually.

Section 3: Application for membership shall be acted upon by the local organization or the local executive committee, subject to the review of the local organization.

Section 4: Application for membership-at-large (where no local organization exists) shall be acted upon by the State Executive Committee.

Article IV: Administration

Section 1: The affairs of the Party shall be administered by the State Executive Committee (SEC) and the Party’s officers and sub-committees.

Section 2: The State Executive Committee and the officers of the Party shall be directly elected by the membership of the Party, for terms not to exceed two years.

Section 3: The size of the State Executive Committee and the officers to serve shall be determined by the State Convention.

Article V: Organization

Section 1: The State Organization shall consist of the Local Organizations, the State Executive Committee, officials determined by the state convention and all members of the Socialist Party, U.S.A., in the state of Texas.

Section 2: Local organizations may be chartered by the State Executive Committee or the State Convention upon the application of five or more members. Local organizations may be chartered on either a geographical or functional basis.

Section 3: Local organizations hold their authority subject to the State Executive Committee which may for violation of principles and constitutions of the Socialist Party, U.S.A., revoke their charter after a hearing before the SEC within six weeks after notice of such a hearing. Revocation of a local charter may be appealed to the State Executive Committee, the National Action Committee and the National Committee.

Section 4: Decisions of the national convention, national referenda and the National Committee of the Socialist Party, U.S.A., shall take precedence over conflicting state organization decisions. In all matters not specifically treated herein, appropriate provisions of the national constitution of the Socialist Party, U.S.A., will be controlling.

Section 5: In all matters not specifically determined by the national convention, national referenda and the National Committee, the Party shall have autonomy of decision and action.

Article VI: State Convention

Section 1: State Conventions shall be held at least once every two years in a time and place determined by the State Executive Committee.

Section 2: The State Convention shall be the highest governing body of the Party and shall have final authority in all matters of principles, policies, constitution and state platform, all subject to referendum.

Section 3: All members in good standing of the Party may serve as delegates to the state convention.

Section 4: The call for a state convention shall be mailed to all members of the Party at least thirty days before the convention. This notice shall include the time, place and agenda of the state convention.

Section 5: The state convention shall elect the state officers and the State Executive Committee, and:

a. may nominate or endorse candidates for statewide political office,

b. adopt the state party platform,

c. revise the party by-laws,

d. must transact such other business as properly comes before the convention.

Article VII: State Executive Committee

Section 1: The State Executive Committee (SEC) shall be elected by the State Convention and shall meet at least twice a year. The SEC of the Party shall be the governing body between state conventions. The SEC shall have authority to lay down policies and direct actions in accordance with state convention decisions.

Section 2: The size, composition, duties, and functions of the State Executive Committee shall be set forth by the State Convention.

Section 3: The SEC shall have the power to grant and revoke charters of local organizations as stated elsewhere in the by-laws.

Section 4: The SEC shall be elected by the state convention, at which time the number of members on the SEC shall be determined.

Section 5: SEC members must be members in good standing of the Socialist Party, USA.

Section 6: The state officers of the Party shall consist of the state Chairperson, the state Vice-Chairperson, the state Secretary, the state Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor. The state officers shall be elected by the state convention.

Section 7: The term of office for SEC members shall be for the interval between regular state conventions.

Section 8: Vacancies on the SEC shall be filled by nominating a party member willing to serve on the SEC. The duration of the replaced SEC seat shall last until closest State Convention.

Section 9: SEC meetings shall be called at least two times a year by either the state Chairperson, the state Secretary, or by a majority vote of SEC members. The SEC shall strive to meet in person but may also meet by telephone or Internet. Chairperson or Secretary shall notify all SEC members of all meetings at least one week in advance.

Section 10: A quorum for any SEC meeting shall be a simple majority of all SEC members present in person or by telephone.

Section 11: The SEC may promote or initiate decisions among its members by meeting, telephone or mail vote.

Section 12: A State Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining accurate membership rolls, correspondence, and any other responsibilities assigned by the state executive committee. The state secretary of the SPTX must be a member in good standing of the Socialist Party, USA.

Section 13: The state Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining accurate business and financial records of the SPTX.

Section 14: Each State Executive Committee meeting will name a facilitator and recorder. Decisions will be made by consensus, whenever possible. In the event unanimous consensus is not reached, a 2/3 vote of SEC members present is required for adoption of any proposal. Minutes will be distributed to the state membership by mail within the thirty days following the meeting.

Section 15: The basic duties of the SEC shall be:

a. to coordinate statewide actions;

b. to make public statements regarding the Party's position on issues;

c. to respond to inquiries from the media and the public;

d. to prepare for State and National Conventions;

e. to create standing and ad hoc committees;

f. to keep records and minutes of meetings;

g. to maintain a database of all Party members and known local Party organizations;

h. to prepare and present an annual budget to be approved by the State Convention.

Article VIII ? Local Organizations

Section 1: Local organizations shall be chartered by the SEC and shall consist of five or more members residing within the county, city, town or other areas or function designated in their respective charter.

Section 2: Local organizations shall have full power over admissions, transfers and expulsions of members, subject to appeal to the SEC, National Action Committee and the National Committee.

Section 3: Local organizations shall elect an executive committee and it shall consist of the local Chairperson, local Secretary, local Treasurer and any other elected officers.

Section 4: Local officers and Executive Committee members shall serve a term of two years.

Section 5: Local organizations shall keep membership and financial records and may:

a. Hold public forums, meetings and classes,

b. Run candidates for public office in their jurisdiction,

c. May endorse, support or run candidates for non-partisan political offices,

d. May endorse, support or form joint party tickets with similar independent political parties, but only with the approval of the National Committee,

e. May run candidates in other political parties, but only with the approval of the National Committee.

Section 6: In all matters not specifically determined by the National and State conventions, referenda and Committees, the local shall have autonomy of decisions and actions.

Article IX ? Finances

Section 1: National dues shall be paid annually through the local organization or through the SEC for members-at-large.

Section 2: The state convention shall have the power to set state dues.

Section 3: Local organizations shall have the power to set local dues.

Section 4: Members in arrears in their dues for six months are no longer in good standing.

Article X ? Referenda

Section 1: Referenda and Policy matters may be determined by a mail ballot prepared and distributed by the state secretary on advice from one-third of the SEC members or petitioned by 20% of the total Party membership or by 25% of at least the total delegates seated at the convention.

Section 2: Referenda proposals shall be circulated to the members and be open for endorsement for thirty days. If there are not sufficient endorsements after thirty days from mailing, the matter shall not be raised for another six months. Members shall be notified of such results.

Section 3: If a state convention is to be held within four months, no question shall be submitted to referenda except a vote to postpone the convention.

Section 4: The term “membership” shall mean total members in good standing as herein provided.

Section 5: Referenda shall be submitted without preamble. Comment not to exceed 300 words both for and against the proposition may accompany it.

Section 6: Only Party members who have been members in good standing may vote in a referendum.

Section 7: Passage or failure of such mail ballot shall be by majority of ballots returned.

Section 8: Vote returns in any referendum shall be received by the SEC no later than twenty-one days after the mailing date of the ballots.

Section 9: Whenever a matter has been submitted to referendum, no referendum on the same issue shall be held for at least one year.

Article XI: Amendments

Section 1: These By-laws may be amended at state conventions by a two-thirds vote of those delegates seated or by a majority vote of the votes cast in a referendum as provided herein.

Section 2: For purposes of determining what constitutes a 2/3 vote for or against any proposal or amendment, abstentions shall not be counted as votes cast.

As amended on September 5, 2005.